Promotions are becoming even more digital for 2021!

26 Jan 2021


Quick Response Codes, commonly known as QR Codes were invented in 1994 in Japan, but during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 almost 35 years after their inception, Australian brands and businesses have started adopting them on scale, as a quick and easy way to send people to any URL.

The adoption of widespread QR Code usage has been driven by Australian State Government requirements for venues to be registered as COVID-Safe, and display a QR code to capture visitor’s details when they “check-in” at the venue for contact tracing purposes, plus the capability for smart devices to now recognise and decode QR-Codes via their camera. With consumer’s now having an awareness of what a QR code is and how to use one, this has presented opportunities for marketers looking to streamline their promotion entry mechanic.

By using unique QR codes on Game cards and On-Pack for promotions, consumers can be driven directly to enter and be uniquely identified! Already in 2021 we have seen a number of brands move from a 6 digit alpha-numerical unique code, to a user-friendly unique QR Code.

Marketers can also harness these unique QR Codes to get greater insights into store compliance for POS and consumer awareness. By using unique QR codes on POS to track which venue/store is performing the strongest, they can further enhance future promotional activity and link back to field team KPIs.


The past year has driven increased digitisation of promotion rewards, including Mobile Mastercard’s which facilitate an instant consumer payment via mobile. The Mobile Mastercard reward gives consumers instant gratification and allows them to immediately spend instore using their mobile wallet or online.  The branded digital card reduces fulfillment costs and provides an immediate payment without the need to collect additional, sensitive data (such as bank details) from the customer.


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